Cameroon Young Jurist Legal Resource Center


Richard Kima (LLB, Msc)

Project Officer

I am Richard KIMA. I am a postal administrator by profession, a jurist, a project manager and a human rights advocate. I have worked in different capacities as principal paymaster in Baham post office and later in Yaounde Nlongkak post office, as head of the legal service in CAMPOST Yaounde, as project coordinator in CAMPOST Yaounde, and as regional Manager/Delegate for over twelve years running in the North West, Littoral, Center, and currently the South West regions of Cameroon respectively.

Whilst studying as a postgraduate student in common Law I developed passion for one of the courses which handled human rights and social justice. This passion carried me to be elected as staff representative in CAMPOST Yaounde for over 4 (four) years, and later to the elective position of board member, staff representative to the Board of directors of CAMPOST for over 7 (seven) years. In these capacities, I fought against arbitrary dismissal of several workers. I also formulated strong ideas which led to the reformulation of hierarchical relations in different organigrammes and workers` collective agreements, the right for fair judgment at the workplace through the institution of mechanisms of justice like the disciplinary council, the right of the worker to be assisted during disciplinary hearings and the elaboration of procedures which aim to grant equal opportunities for recruitment and reclassification of staff respectively.

My passion for human rights advocacy also pushed me to develop my capacities in project management and for which I obtained a certification as a project management professional (PMP). In this light I have written small community projects for the empowerment of youths in Bakebe village, especially in the domain of reducing the digital divide in rural areas through trainings in ICTs, and the building of  common initiative groups for empowerment of both petit cocoa farmers and cassava farm owners.

My passion for human rights and justice urged me to join CYJULERC where I am not only advocating against gender-based violence in times of conflict but also, I am putting my legal knowledge and managerial skills to the benefit of social justice and human rights.

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