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Protecting the Environment through the Sustainable Management of Non-Forest Timber Products

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About the NTFPs Project


This empowerment project was inspired by Manyu Community Radio under theย  management and supervision of Cameroon Young Jurists Legal Resource Center. The project was on the “Production of Radio Programmes on the improvement of Income and the Livelihood of Farmers of Non-Timber Forest Products; Protecting the Environment through the Sustainable Management of Non-Timber Forest Products”


The aims and objectives of the project.ย 


The aims/objectives of the project for the reporting period are:

To organize the non-timber forest sector in Manyu so as to ensure sustainable management;

To replace destroyed non-timber forest products trees, promote re-forestation of destroyed forest in Manyu thus protecting the environment, preventing and protecting more water sources from drying up and reducing exposure to heat epidemic in an already extremely hot region;

To build the capacity of MCRโ€™s young journalist and technicians on various programmes production and broadcasting.

Some of the NTFPs that were planted are Bush Mango and Snails. The carry the appellations Bush Mango Domesticaion and Snails Domestication, from nurseries to maturity.ย 


For more information;ย 

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